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Major factors to consider when preparing an advertisement are its creativity,  continuity with past advertisements and possible association with other company products.  The different types of product advertising are as follows:

Informative Product Advertising
This type of advertising seeks to develop demand through presenting factual information on the attributes of a product or service.  For example, “More Americans use our cleaning product than any other cleaning product.”

Persuasive Product Advertising
Such advertising emphasizes using words or images     to try to create an image for a product and to influence attitudes about     it.  For example, “You have to try     it to experience the great taste….”
Reminder-Oriented     Product Advertising – The goal of this type of advertising is to
reinforce previous promotional activity by keeping the product or service name in front of the public.

Retail Advertising or Cooperative Advertising
Is the sharing of advertising costs between the retailer and the manufacturer.  For example, “Karastan Carpets sold at Tom’s Carpet Place…”

Institutional Advertising
Is concerned with promoting a concept, idea, philosophy, or the goodwill of an industry, company, or organization. For example, “McDonald’s is the proud sponsor of The Ronald McDonald House…”
Comparative Advertising - makes direct promotional comparisons with competitive brands.  For example, “Nike cross trainers are 20% more durable than Reebok…”


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