There are seven steps to the sales process.   Personal selling is when a seller deals directly, face to face, with a potential buyer or customer.  The seven steps are as follows:
In Prospecting, the seller needs to find potential customers.  Not everyone will be a candidate to purchase the product.  That is why narrowing down the target market is very important.   Once a seller finds prospects for his product, he can then start the next process. 
In the Approach process, it is important for the seller to approach the person with purchasing power.  For example, if a person is selling cleaning products, a potential customer would be office buildings.  Once he approaches a business, he then has to make sure to talk to the right person.  For example, it would not make sense to try and sell the receptionist the cleaning supplies, as he/she has no purchasing power.  Instead, a more likely candidate would be the manager of the cleaning department.
In this section, the salesperson makes the formal presentation or pitch to the client.  In the case of the cleaning supply, this may include a brief history of the product, who uses the product,  what it does, and pricing.
In this section, the salesperson actually demonstrates how well the cleaning supply cleans the floors of the office.
Handling Objections
In this section, the salesperson will handle any negativity or objections about the product.  The salesperson will try and put a positive spin on the conversation to be able to move on to the next step.
Closing the deal is when the salesperson secures an order.
In this section, the salesperson follows up with the client to make sure that they are satisfied with the product and that everything is working out well, and to try and secure a future order. 


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