Sales promotion consists of activities that focus on stimulating consumer purchasing at the point of sale and improving dealer effectiveness. These are all non-personal selling processes. Point of Purchase Advertising includes displays and demonstrations that seek to promote the product at a time and place closely associated with the actual decision to buy.

Specialty Advertising is a sales promotion medium that uses useful articles to carry the advertiser’s names, address, and advertising message to reach target customers.

Other – This category contains samples, coupons, premiums, deals, rebates, and loyalty programs.

  • A sample is a free item given in an attempt to obtain consumer acceptance. 
  • Coupons offer a discount, usually some specified price reduction, on the next purchase of a product. Premiums are bonus items given free with the purchase of another product. 
  • Deals are price reductions designed to encourage trial of a product, to counteract a competitor’s promotion or to encourage retailers to stock the product. 
  • Rebates encourage consumers to purchase and induce channel members loyalty to a manufacturer. Loyalty programs stimulate repeat purchases by providing rewards such as points toward products or free air miles with each purchase.


Hotelier Indonesia

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